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Our Mission

• Release authentic worship and the presence of God in the church and outside of the four walls of the church in open-air and public places.

• Train, equip and raise up worship leaders, psalmists, musicians and artists. Raise up ones who know who they are, what they are called to and who carry and steward the presence of God. 

• Facilitate events that reaches out to the lost and makes the gospel plain and known. Reveal the love of Jesus to the world through healings, signs and wonders. 

• Provide Jesus Festivals* that display the kingdom of God and welcome the lost.

* The central theme of our festival is Jesus Christ. We block off streets and invite food vendors, speakers and music artists with the primary goal of revealing the love of Jesus. 


We Believe

Worship is the landing pad for God’s presence. As priests of this new covenant, we are carrying His “ark” (Presence) into public places—for men to know, encounter, and experience the beauty of Jesus. Our heart is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to see the works of Christ made manifest. We are passionate about taking Jesus to the people and raising up those who will carry and release His presence through their art. 

“About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everyone’s chains came loose,”             (Acts 16:25-26a).


About Chris

Chris Burns is a worship leader, preacher, and revivalist. He is marked with the call to see the presence of God invade people’s lives, people’s homes, and entire cities.

Chris and his wife Danielle—along with their children Jude, Mila and Elisabeth—live in San Francisco, CA. They are stewarding The Sound Movement by doing schools, lessons, podcasts and hosting outdoor worship gatherings.


Our Story

God spoke to Chris Burns, casting a vision to throw this generation on the bones of an “old movement,” as the dead man was thrown upon the bones of Elisha. God revealed that there is still enough power left in the bones of the past Jesus People Movement to raise this generation from the dead. And if the sound of Jubilee would be released through worship in San Francisco, CA, God would release a national awakening of new Jesus People* and Musician Missionaries** who would take their songs and testimonies to the open-air places, streets, and public places of America and beyond for a massive harvest of souls! They began worship on the streets, and they declared the gospel with signs and wonders to those who would come. It culminated with a national gathering in San Francisco. For every day of the entire summer of 2017 worship gatherings happened throughout the city. It was truly the summer of love songs to Jesus.

The Sound Movement is now focusing on doing lessons, schools and podcasts to train and equip worshippers, musicians and songwriters. Their heart is to empower people to discover their unique God-given sound and songs. That in doing so people would be released into their calling as worshippers who carry and release the presence of God through their art to the world.

* The Jesus People movement was a unique combination of the hippie counterculture and evangelical Christianity. It first appeared in the famed "Summer of Love" of 1967, in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district.

** Musician Missionaries spread the gospel of Jesus through worship.