Talking About a Jesus Movement or Living out a Jesus Movement?

Am I a flowering tree or am I fruiting tree? Do I live the type of life that is bearing real fruit or am I just a flowering tree that looks the part? Do I look like I am doing great things for the kingdom but there is no real fruit? Bearing fruit is not always pretty, in fact it can be messy and more work. A life of abiding in Jesus and leaning into Him brings about true kingdom transformation. This is the life Jesus encouraged us to live, a life that offers something of substance to better people and the world around us.

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Building Altars of Worship

Your breakthrough is not for you alone. Hebrews 11:4 says through Abel's faith, though he died, he still speaks. Your sacrifice, the alters that you build, have a voice that will outlast your life. When you sacrifice out of obedience to God you can leave something behind that has a voice long after you are gone.

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No Place Is Safe From The Presence Of God

Teaching on 1 Samuel 10 and 19. People will come under the presence of God through worshippers and will “be changed into a difference person”. This is something we are going to see, this is a promise for us! The type of worship that is coming is going to transform kings and turn killers into prophets. A song is rising up out of the church that will quench this murderous spirit in America. When the song of the Lord come forth it will turn men into totally different people. It is time for the church to realize the priority and power of worship. Worship can change the atmosphere of a town, stop tragedy before it starts and bless an entire nation.

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Worship and the New Evangelism

The great harvest that is coming in this hour is intertwined with worship and the presence of God. Many will ask the church in the coming days “what must I do to be saved” as worship is released in every sphere and facet of society. 

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Prophets on the Hill
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The roots of our spiritual/musical inheritanceis seen in 1 Samuel 10. In the scripture we see the prophets of God release the presence of Godthrough music and worship. They are not releasing it for stages, crowds or fame but for a deeper purpose unto the Lord. Their song carried breakthrough for the land and anyone who came into their atmosphere. Imagine a modern day band of prophet musicians who play their music and the Spirit of the living God comes upon all who hear it with life changing encounters. This is the invitation God has for every musician and creative.

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