You Should Be Praying In Tongues
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Praying in tongues is for all believers. Listen as Chris dispels myths, thoroughly unpacks and demystifies praying in the Spirit. Solid biblical teaching on praying in tongues and encouragement to pray at “all times” in the Holy Spirit!

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Revival & How Many Will Miss It
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Revival is here; many will not see it. Listen as Chris goes in depth through the bible, and church history on how the move of God currently in the earth doesn’t look like many expect. Don’t miss this!

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The Bourbon Street Revival
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Authentic and genuine revival has broken out in a bar on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Listen as Chris tells the story of the past 6 months of this unprecedented move of God that we believe is a symbol and sign to America of a new Jesus People movement and 3rd great awakening. It’s not coming, IT’S HERE!

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When The Rock Falls

Listen as Chris teaches on how revelation, prophetic words, and promises can be a stumbling block without proper view of suffering and the word being tested. Peter was called “The Rock” by his revelation by which Jesus would build His church, then one paragraph later Peter is being rebuked as a “stumbling block”!

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Friends In High Places

This week listen to a recent teaching from Chris regarding friendship with the Lord, new covenant access to God’s glory, and how God wants us to impact our generations and take territory. Also listen for a powerful dream at the end of the message!

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Shut It All Down!
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SHUT IT ALL DOWN! If we don’t have the Presence of God in our midst, we have nothing! Moses declared in Exodus that the Presence of God upon His people was the only defining factor setting the people of God apart from every other person on the face of the earth! The priests must arise! Listen as Chris prophesies of a new wave of “secret-service” worship missionaries hitting the earth for a time such as this!

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Friendship. Promotion. Legacy
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In this recent teaching from Chris in his hometown of Nashville, TN, we hear of friendship with God leading to promotion and personal promotion being “spent” on corporate outpouring and blessing. We must have the long-view in mind when building the legacy God has for ourselves, ministries, families and ultimately His kingdom! Listen to this now word from Chris!

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Identity In The Wilderness
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God takes us into seasons where our identity must be tested so as to reveal where our foundation is. Even Jesus was tested in HIs identity, scripture reveals this again and again. A strong interior life, fortified by intimacy with Jesus, will always be the key to walking in the full confidence and calling of God!

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The Dwelling Place of God

Chris teaches on how we personally and corporately are called to be the very dwelling place of the Lord. Practically, what does this mean, and what does it look like? Listen to find out!

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Marcus Akins

Listen as Chris sits down with Marcus Akins, a worship leader and recording artist out of Washington D.C. 

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The Power of Weakness

Are you in a weak place in life? Rejoice! Paul rejoiced in his sufferings, infirmities, and weaknesses; we often complain our way through these weak and low times hoping to get out by any means necessary. The Book of Revelation says that all of heaven worships Jesus and they ascribe praise to Him using the name Lamb of God! The Lion of Judah’s strength is seen in heaven as a lamb slain! This is our signpost and kingdom cue that in Kingdom culture, to be humbled is to be exalted and that weakness is praised! Enjoy!

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Too religious to see Jesus

A recent message Chris gave in Los Angeles. We pray for revival and a move of God. What if it comes to us in a different form than we are used to? We must know the Lord and what He is doing by His voice not the form. The form changes, but the voice and fruit remain the same! The “believers” in the days of Jesus rejected Him, but the “common people” received him. Listen and be challenged!

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Talking About a Jesus Movement or Living out a Jesus Movement?

Am I a flowering tree or am I fruiting tree? Do I live the type of life that is bearing real fruit or am I just a flowering tree that looks the part? Do I look like I am doing great things for the kingdom but there is no real fruit? Bearing fruit is not always pretty, in fact it can be messy and more work. A life of abiding in Jesus and leaning into Him brings about true kingdom transformation. This is the life Jesus encouraged us to live, a life that offers something of substance to better people and the world around us.

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Building Altars of Worship

Your breakthrough is not for you alone. Hebrews 11:4 says through Abel's faith, though he died, he still speaks. Your sacrifice, the alters that you build, have a voice that will outlast your life. When you sacrifice out of obedience to God you can leave something behind that has a voice long after you are gone.

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No Place Is Safe From The Presence Of God

Teaching on 1 Samuel 10 and 19. People will come under the presence of God through worshippers and will “be changed into a difference person”. This is something we are going to see, this is a promise for us! The type of worship that is coming is going to transform kings and turn killers into prophets. A song is rising up out of the church that will quench this murderous spirit in America. When the song of the Lord come forth it will turn men into totally different people. It is time for the church to realize the priority and power of worship. Worship can change the atmosphere of a town, stop tragedy before it starts and bless an entire nation.

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Worship and the New Evangelism

The great harvest that is coming in this hour is intertwined with worship and the presence of God. Many will ask the church in the coming days “what must I do to be saved” as worship is released in every sphere and facet of society. 

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Prophets on the Hill
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The roots of our spiritual/musical inheritanceis seen in 1 Samuel 10. In the scripture we see the prophets of God release the presence of Godthrough music and worship. They are not releasing it for stages, crowds or fame but for a deeper purpose unto the Lord. Their song carried breakthrough for the land and anyone who came into their atmosphere. Imagine a modern day band of prophet musicians who play their music and the Spirit of the living God comes upon all who hear it with life changing encounters. This is the invitation God has for every musician and creative.

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