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Record Your Sound

We are excited to be in partnership with Resurgent Sound to help you record and release your unique songs and sound. The Sound along with Chris Burns are going to come alongside you to walk you through the process of recording your album. 

Chris Burns has recorded multiple albums, led worship around the world and has a heart to train, equip and help people release their unique sound and songs. He will be coming alongside you as a Production Coach to help you be prepared to record your album with Resurgent Sound. 

What Will It Look Like?

  • Chris will meet with you and your band for personalized coaching sessions
  • We will listen through your songs and help take you to the next level both lyrically and musically. 
  • We will take you under our wing, pray for you, and be available to you as you prepare to get everything ready for your recording. 
  • You will also have the option to fly Chris out to be an onsite coach during your recording session (This option is limited depending on Chris’ travel schedule and availability.)



To learn more about the partnership with Resurgent Sound Click Here or follow the Apply Now link above.