San Francisco 2017


In the summer of 2017 we called thousands to San Francisco, CA for a nation-wide Jesus Festival. For the Jewish people, Jubilee happens every 50 years and is a time when slaves are set free, all debt is canceled, and the land is healed. So on the 50th anniversary of 1967’s “The Summer of Love”, San Francisco’s countercultural revolution, we released the sound of worship and declared a new day for America.

Our dates were significant because we honored the exact date of The Call 7/7/07 in Nashville where they prayed for the release of the Sons of Thunder. Sons of Thunder are music missionaries that will/are releasing the songs of heaven to the streets of America.



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"I believe we are in the beginnings of a new Jesus movement and if there is a new Jesus movement then there is a new Jesus sound."  Lou Engle

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God said I will pour out my Spirit on San Francisco and the world will look and wonder. – Mario Murillo

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People from all over the nation came to San Francisco. We gathered thousands to join us in worshipping Jesus and releasing the presence of God over the city. People from every walk of life came and got saved, healed and touched by the love of God. We had over 40 worship bands come to release their sound in the streets of San Francisco. Now people from all over America are going outside the 4 walls of the church to worship Jesus and see the same thing happen in their cities! The city feels different, people continue to be saved and encounter Jesus weeks after the Jubilee celebration. Something has happened and we believe God has given us the beginnings of the outbreak we’ve been praying for all these years!